The Bulletin of the Center for Research on Regional Economic Systems, the Graduate School of Social Science, Hiroshima University Issue 16
2005-03-31 発行

若年失業問題と地域の産業構造 <研究ノート>

Youth Unemployment and Regional Industrial Structures
Ito, Yuichi
Kagawa, Toshiyuki
This article attempts to understand the youth unemployment in relation to regional industrial structures. Ratio of temporary employee is also analysed.

In order to capture accurate data of age groups and prefectures on industrial structure and unemployment, the authors have employed Population Census in 2000.

Research findings are as follows,

1) In the Metropolis of Tokyo and Kanagawa prefecture, the young unemployment is relatively modest problem. In Ibaragi, Tochigi and Fukushima prefectures, the youth unemployment rate exceeds the national average while overall unemployment rate is below the average.

2) A negative correlation was observed between unemployment rate and the manufacturing industries. On the contrary, a positive correlation was found between unemployment rate and service industries and 'wholesale and retail trade, eating and drinking places' industries.

3) Rate of Part-time workers have positive correlation with unemployment rate in all age groups. However the tendency was higher in the young generations.

This research dealt with interdepartmental employment policy for young people, which has been in operation since 2003. Future implications from the research findings are also mentioned.
Youth unemployment
Population Census
Regional industrial structure
employment policy for young people