The Bulletin of the Center for Research on Regional Economic Systems, the Graduate School of Social Science, Hiroshima University Issue 15
2004-03-31 発行

中国地方における地域通貨への取り組みと課題 <研究ノート>

The Circumstances and Subjects of Local Currency in Chugoku-region, Japan
The groups which try to circulate local currency (community currency) are increasing in Japan. According to some report, they exceed 300 cases. I have found out 27 cases in Chugoku-region through this time research (January 2004). But it is 4 or 5 cases among them that are working at the moment. Many groups are in the stage of experiment, some of them cannot be called local currency and the rest doesn't work substantially. The reasons why local currency does not last long are that; its meaning is not appreciated fully; there are few suitable leaders or advisers about it; many groups have no management functions; and so on. There are few studies about the effect of local currency upon the regional economy. This mainly refers to the fact that most cases aren't going on. We must investigate the influence of local currency against the regional economy in detail taking account of even its application for community business and community finance.
local currency (community currency)
regional economy