The Bulletin of the Center for Research on Regional Economic Systems, the Graduate School of Social Science, Hiroshima University Issue 14
2003-03-31 発行

大学の社会貢献に関する調査研究 : 国内大学の地域研究機関の社会的役割を中心として <研究ノート>

Survey and research on the philanthropy of Universities : It focus on the social role of the regional research institutions of universities in Japan
Hirao, Motohiko
As the third role in a university following research and education, the "philanthropy" attracts attention. In recent years, many of universities in Japan establish "the regional research institutions" within the campus, and it is strengthening relation with the community. This paper is arranged based on a questionnaire and hearing survey about these institutions' contents of activity, the cooperation with a community, and the support system of a community. And we examine subject and future course of the regional research institutions mainly of a human sciences and a social sciences from a viewpoint of the philanthropy of universities. The following points are pointed out as main subjects. (1) Although "research on the subject of a community" and "industry-university cooperation" are these institutions' main function, it is tended to unite both functions in the framework of philanthropy. A challenge in the new field by the fusion of liberal arts and natural sciences, and industry-university cooperation is important subject of these institutions. (2) In the time when "research power of a community" is made important, while the university heightens its research power, construction of new regional systems is required, and it should include the structure in which a community supports a university.
philanthropy of universities
industrial administrative and academic sectors cooperation
regional research institution