The Bulletin of the Center for Research on Regional Economic Systems, the Graduate School of Social Science, Hiroshima University Issue 13
2002-03-31 発行

CRES情報システムの設計 : 持続可能なシステムの設計・運用管理を目指して <研究ノート>

Design of CRES Information System : On Designing and Managing a Sustainable System
Kayashima, Takahiro
Watanabe, Norio
The CRES Information System is a system which aims at communicating useful information on regional economy that CRES holds and opening its research outcomes.

Three years will have passed since current computer devices were installed to achieve the aim described above in March 1999. Hence it is time to study replacement of computer devices, operating systems and the installed softwares. In this study, it is important to design, so to speak, a sustainable system in order to maintain and to improve services given by the current system.

In this note, the authors define a policy of designing and managing of the current CRES Information System which includes library function, and emphasize importance of making manuals and documents of various processes. And they finally make a reasonable suggestion of plans of the next system with developed services and security.
System design