The Bulletin of the Center for Research on Regional Economic Systems, the Graduate School of Social Science, Hiroshima University Issue 13
2002-03-31 発行

欧州における持続可能な発展と共通運輸政策 <論説>

Sustainable Development and Common Transportation Policy in Europe
Kagawa, Toshiyuki
Kurogi, Hideaki
Ichikawa, Akira
Suehiro, Tamiko
In the amid of environmental issue drawing an attention, the movement of taking "Sustainable Development" into social and economic field is prevailing. In Europe, European Union commenced a Cardiff process in 1998 aiming at the policy integration in the environmental sectors. European Common Transport Policy is also taking into the environmental integration process, and has already reached to make a consensus of improving the modal split towards year 2010. Such a process is an experiment of coping with both economic efficiency and environmental friendly policy, as it appears to be difficult to be compatible with. Our research focuses on the integration process of environmental policy and the transportation policy in Europe, along with economic and transportation trend in Europe, while making clear of the present situation regarding the transportation and environment issue as well as the direction of the EU policy.
sustainable transportation
environmental policy integration
JIT (Just in Time)