The Bulletin of the Center for Research on Regional Economic Systems, the Graduate School of Social Science, Hiroshima University Issue 13
2002-03-31 発行

公共施設の維持補修費の規定要因に関する実証分析 : 広島県内の市町村を事例として <論説>

An Estimation Model of Maintenance Cost for Public Facilities : In the case of local municipalities in Hiroshima prefecture, Japan
Kuwahara, Mika
The purpose of this study is to build an estimation model of maintenance cost for public works. In the first step, maintenance cost of public works such as roads and schoolhouses will be formulated for local municipalities in the Hiroshima Prefecture, Japan.

Local governments must maintain the public works on their own revenue from now on under the limitation of central and local financial budgets, and they should recognize future cost. Thus, it is required to develop a reasonable method to estimate maintenance cost and these maintenance cost estimated based on the model should be reflected beforehand in the building of local financial budget programs. Main results are as follows.

(1) As maintenance cost for roads can be expressed as the square meter of the roads and the ratio of the local tax per revenue.

(2) As maintenance cost for schoolhouses can be expressed as square meter of them and the density of population, the ratio of the local tax par revenue or the increasing rate of population.
maintenance cost
local finance