The Bulletin of the Center for Research on Regional Economic Systems, the Graduate School of Social Science, Hiroshima University Issue 12
2001-03-31 発行

欧州横断ネットワーク構築と欧州経済空間の形成 : ロッテルダム・ベルリン・ワルシャワ・モスクワ路線を中心に <研究ノート>

Trans-European Networks and New Economic Zone in Europe : Rotterdam-Berlin-Warsaw-Moscow Route
Kagawa, Toshiyuki
Kurogi, Hideaki
Suehiro, Tamiko
The European commission released programs aiming at developing the Transportation Infrastructure Networks at European level in 1990s. Infrastructure networks have been developed from a viewpoint of domestic supply demand so far. New infrastructure program is linked with the economic trend in Europe. In 1990s, economic tie between EU countries and Central and Eastern European (CEE) countries has been strengthened and at the same time, manufacturing and trade structure in Europe is changing due to the increase of companies' making inroad into the market of CEE countries. Our research focuses on the economic and transportation trend in Europe and examines the relation between infrastructure networks and the development of new economic zone in Europe, by mainly dealing with the case of east-west axis of Rotterdam-Berlin-Warsaw-Moscow.
International Division of Labor
Combined Transport
Economic Zone in Europe