The Bulletin of the Center for Research on Regional Economic Systems, the Graduate School of Social Science, Hiroshima University Issue 12
2001-03-31 発行

地域経済低迷要因としての若年層流出と生活満足度に関する調査研究 : 三次市周辺地域の内発的発展に不可欠な社会心理学的、経済学的要因の探求 <研究ノート>

The outflow of young people from hilly and mountainous area as a factor of the breakdown of regional economy and the level of satisfaction in their living : Investigation of the indispensable psycho-social and economic factors for the endogenous development in the neighboring region of Miyoshi-city
Kato, Yoshiro
Tokaji, Akihiko
We regard the outflow of young people from our home as a factor in the breakdown of the regional economy. We investigated the situation of depopulation in the neighbouring region of Miyoshi-city for high school students (third grade) by using both sociology-based and psychology-based questionnaires (BREF-WHOQOL26).

The main results are as follows.

1) Total QOL (quality of life) scores of girl students were statistically lower than that of boys.

2) The number of items which bore a significant correlation to the total QOL scores for girl students was statistically smaller than those for boy students.

3) The regression analysis showed that the total QOL scores of girl students were influenced by the items concerning natural conservation, affection shown at home and safety from natural disasters while, those of boy students were influenced by the items concerning the completion of medical care and welfare, the contribution of home life, home comforts, affection shown at home, communicative activities with people from other regions and the circumstance of education.

From these findings the policy that induced the increased rate of QOL in females was fundamentally necessary for the activation of endogenous development of hilly and mountainous areas, because there were some difficult situations from which the preadolescent female could not gain satisfaction in these regions.
senior high school students