The Bulletin of the Center for Research on Regional Economic Systems, the Graduate School of Social Science, Hiroshima University Issue 11
2000-03-31 発行

我が国電力産業における価格規制に関する政策分析 : 電力改革に伴う企業インセンティブの高揚をねらいとして <論説>

A Study on the Price Regulation System of Electricity Industry in Japan : To enhance the cost-effective incentive towards structural change of industrial fields
Ishihara, Akihiro
In the post-war period, the electricity industry in Japan has been regulated by governmental law, and there has been a dominant monopolized system in this field. In 1990's, various types of companies is entering the energy market, which is realizing more competitive energy market. However, as energy market is still monopolized strongly, the introduction of cost-effective incentive in this field is becoming more important.

The aim of this study is to discuss what type of regulation method will be effective for price regulation. Some incentive-regulation systems are examined in this paper, which has clarified that deregulation is more effective compared with any types of incentive regulations. Although the deregulation is expected to bring cost reduction, we should consider a stable supply of energy as well. As a conclusion, the deregulation is the most important approach as a cost-effective incentive. As an example, the introduction of the PBR system is an important trial to correct the ROR system.

The further extension of this study is to examine the effectiveness of both market regulation and incentive regulation approaches.