The Bulletin of the Center for Research on Regional Economic Systems, the Graduate School of Social Science, Hiroshima University Issue 10
1999-03-31 発行

経済のサービス化とヒトの動き <論説>

The Shift to Service Economy and Migration into Urban Area
Wakai, Tomogi
In a couple of recent decades, 'the shift to service economy' or 'the inclination to services in economy' has become remarkable. We discuss these phenomena have been caused by changes of economic structure in Japan. Especially, this fact is showed in migration of people beyond boudaries of 'to-do-hu-ken' (prefectural) region. We used migration statistics in time series from year 1954 to 1997. 'Net migration' into 'the three biggest urban areas' (Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya areas) has two peaks in its long term. One is year 1961 and another is 1987. The former one and its both side slopes mean high growth era of Japanese economy and the latter means middle growth era. The former also coincides with growth era of 'physical economy' and the latter growth era of 'service economy'. The trend of rate of internal migration (to population) also corresponds to this fact.