Reviews in higher education 2017-03-31


Some Steps to Reduce the Disparity in College Entrance Examinations in Asia
小野寺 香
河井 由佳
松本 麻人
大和 洋子
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This study steps to reduce the disparity between the college entrance examinations at several countries and regions in Asia. College entrance examinations require fairness, but the meaning of the concept is not always the same, affected by the cultural and social contexts of different countries. By examining respectively points with which each country is concerned regarding fairness, this study tries to clarify the uniqueness and the significance of the steps each country adopts. It assumes that the dynamism and reality of fairness can be extracted, analyzing the ‘exceptions’ that seems to contradict superficially.
Several Asian countries, South Korea, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, and India, all of which have in recent years implemented large-scale system changes and steps to reduce disparity under the specific historical and social background. These unique steps are targeted not only at students of ethnic minorities, but also at those in rural areas in general, both of which are the examples to consider the diversity and similarity of the steps. It is anticipated that the results of this study can provide suggestions to college entrance exam reform in Japan at the point of the development of a new selection method.
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