Reviews in higher education Volume 165
2022-03-31 発行

中国の大学入試改革 : 「多様化」と「社会的公正」

College Entrance Examination Reform in China: Diversification and Social Justice
石井 佳奈子
肖 芸萱
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This book aims to clarify the various realities of the college entrance examination system in China from the perspective of diversification and social justice. It consists of eight chapters, the first half of which are devoted to diversification and the second half to fairness. Chapters 1 and 2 provide an overview of the changes in high school curricula, college entrance examination systems and the society. This is followed by a discussion at the institutional level. Then, Chapter 3 clarifies the actual situation in college entrance examinations, which is the interface between new academic skills and diversification. Fairness is always an issue when assessing new academic skills, and the chapter analyzes the problems that have emerged in China. Chapter 4 clarifies the actual situation and the issues that have arisen from the fact that research universities have been selecting students outside of traditional standardized examinations (or voluntary university recruitment). It also examines why the practice has declined in recent years. Chapter 5 examines how the composition and use of entrance examination questions have changed from province to province, and since entrance examination questions are now being standardized, it will also add a comparison of college entrance opportunities in provinces that use the same questions.
Based on the reality of such diversification, the latter half of the chapters will discuss social justice, especially the measures taken to correct various disparities in college entrance examinations. Chapter 6 organizes and analyzes the points in examinations awarded by each province, and Chapter 7 compares the special quotas (rural quota, poverty quota, etc.) established by each province (universities located in each province). The final chapter, Chapter 8, discusses the history of the establishment of ethnic universities and ethnic prep classes for ethnic minorities, and analyzes how they relate to the correction of disparities.
はしがき 小川 佳万… i
第1章 高級中学における素質教育 小野寺 香… 1
第2章 大学入試「多様化」の展開 石井 佳奈子… 11
第3章 素質教育と大学入学者選抜試験 小野寺 香… 22
第4章 大学自主募集の可能性と限界 肖 芸萱… 32
第5章 入学試験問題の多様化 石井 佳奈子… 44
第6章 加点政策の省別比較 石井 佳奈子… 53
第7章 高等教育機会格差の是正 肖 芸萱… 65
第8章 民族大学と民族予科班 小川 佳万… 80