Reviews in higher education Volume 161
2021-03-31 発行


University Manager Development as a Policy Issue
KATO, Takeshi
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The purposes of this study are to: (1) measure the impact of the recent higher education policy to empower university administrators; (2) clarify facts on the actual job characteristics of university administrators, the nurturing environment of their office, and the achievements and challenges of their workplace learning; (3) examine support measures, knowledge and skills required in the actual work of university management; and (4) measure discernment and engagement of university administrators for the spirit of foundation of their affiliated organization. Through this, the study seeks to support EBPM for the development of university management. The main findings of this study are as follows. Firstly, in spite of the introduction of a new management system to empower university administrators, mandated by the revision of the Standards for Establishment of Universities, about 80% of general employees and junior managers’ jobs are yet occupied by either routine-work or a little complicated tasks that can be mastered in a few years. Half of career-track employees and one third of junior managers work without difficult challenges. Secondly, as for career-track employees, about 23% engage in easy work and 21% achieve their tasks without workplace support. In total, about half do not need workplace support. Only 24% achieve tasks with workplace support, and as much as 32% left work unachieved. Thirdly, turning to managers, 62% point out problems related to training young people, and 28% note a deterioration of management practice. Over 70% deny direct usefulness of their in-house training experience. Fourth, referring the European Qualifications Framework, 88% of junior managers and 80% of managers self-assess their job at level 4: "Exercise self-management within the guidelines of work or study contexts that are usually predictable, but are subject to change" or below. Finally, half of the career-track employees and junior managers recognize they do not contribute to the spirit of foundation nor vision of the university at work.
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