Reviews in higher education Volume 160
2021-03-31 発行

新たな人文・社会系教育と学生の学修へのインパクト : 学士課程教育への総合的アプローチの試み

New Trends in the Humanities and Social Sciences and their Impact on Students: A Comprehensive Approach to Undergraduate Education
OGATA, Naoyuki
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The purpose of this book is to clarify the renewed undergraduate education in the humanities and social sciences in the national university sector, from the viewpoint of organization, curriculum, and the impact on students’ learning. Three case-studies are selected on the basis of their name, academic field, type of reorganization, and date of formation: the School of Global Humanities and Social Science at Nagasaki University, the Faculty of Global Sciences at Yamaguchi University, and the School of Global and Community Studies at University of Fukui. First, the context of reorganization of each school and faculty, and the characteristics and structure of the curriculum are analyzed. Next the students’ learning behaviors and the impact of curriculum are analyzed based on a student survey, through comparison with the national student survey and between the three case-study organizations. Furthermore, the results from the student survey are reverified through a faculty survey. The results indicate that the three faculties, despite their similar names, have different characteristics of undergraduate education which have different impacts on student learning behavior and learning outcomes.
序章 研究の狙いと方法… 小方直幸 1
第1章 学部の概要とプログラムの特性… 串本剛 7
第2章 山口大学国際総合科学部… 小方直幸 17
第3章 福井大学国際地域学部… 小方直幸 29
第4章 長崎大学多文化社会学部… 小方直幸 41
第5章 学生の諸経験等に関する3学部の特性… 立石慎治 53
第6章 教員の認識… 立石慎治 63
結章 学士課程教育における総合的アプローチの意義… 小方直幸 73