Reviews in higher education Volume 156
2020-04-06 発行

今後の大学教育を考える : 文理融合型教育への期待と課題 : 第47回(2019年度)研究員集会の記録

Considering the future university education: Expectations and challenges of the Education of Integration of Arts and Sciences Proceedings of the 47th R.I.H.E. Annual Study Meeting (Nov.26, 2019)
杉谷 祐美子
山田 礼子
岡本 正宏
竹村 彰通
松繁 寿和
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This report is a summary of the 47th Research Institute for Higher Education Annual Study Meeting, held at the Higashi-Hiroshima campus of Hiroshima University in 2019. The theme of the year was “Considering the future of university education: Expectations and challenges of the integration of arts and sciences education”. The meeting was opened by two keynote addresses. Sayama Oki, Professor of Nagoya University, gave a keynote address entitled “Possibilities for the Integration of Arts and Sciences Education: Why are Arts and Sciences Separated?” Yamada Toshihiro, Professor of Hiroshima University, gave a second keynote address entitled “A Wonderful Recipe to integrate the Arts and Sciences”. Subsequently, three speakers made presentations, followed by comments from the audience and discussion.
In recent years, new human resources are in demand in the context of "Society 5.0", and education reforms to meet this demand are being pushed forward. Particularly, independent learner development is being increasingly supported through ICT education and active learning. In addition, in universities, programs featuring integrated Arts and Sciences components have been developed to support the formation of new human resources. At this meeting, the expectations and problems of the integration of Arts and Sciences education were examined based on philosophical and practical reports of the integration process.
はしがき… 大膳 司 i
研究員集会の趣旨… iii

文理連携の可能性 : 文系と理系はなぜ分かれたのか… 隠岐 さや香 1
文理を融合するすてきなレシピ… 山田 俊弘 15
セッション1 -基調講演-の司会を担当して… 杉谷 祐美子 31
研究員集会の感想-エッセイ… 村澤 昌崇 35

文理融合の新しいプログラムの動向 : 米国,シンガポール,日本の事例を中心に… 山田 礼子 39
文理融合型学士課程教育の理念・実践・課題 : 九州大学共創学部を事例として… 岡本 正宏 51
文理融合型学士課程教育の理念・実践・課題 : 滋賀大学データサイエンス学部を事例として… 竹村 彰通 63
第47回研究員集会セッション2 : 論点提起を司会して… 吉田 香奈 73
セッション2を司会してのコメント… 黄 福涛 77

パネルディスカッションを司会して… 松繁 寿和・大膳 司 79
研究員集会の概要… 83