Reviews in higher education Volume 154
2020-03-31 発行


An International and Comparative Study of International Faculty Members
陳 麗蘭
李 敏
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The purpose of this study is to make a comparative study of international faculty members, focused on their recruitment, striking characteristics, main academic activities, and perceptions of internationalization of higher education and the academic labor market based on cases of Australia, China and Japan. The study also attempts to identify the main issues that international faculty members at Japanese universities face and offer implications for policy by analyzing these case studies. The first chapter is about international faculty members’ work roles, their views of internationalization of Australian higher education and career plans based on interviews with key persons from two Australian universities. The second chapter deals with policies and practices of hiring international faculty members at Chinese universities based on a national survey and interviews with both international faculty members and their colleagues. The third chapter is concerned with the most striking characteristics of international faculty at Japanese universities based on national statistics and interviews. The fourth chapter presents the key features of international faculty members at Japanese universities focused on their personal, educational and professional profiles, and teaching and research activities. The fifth chapter concentrates on discussing Chinese faculty members at Japanese universities. The sixth chapter analyzes international faculty members’ activities and perceptions based on the case of S national university in Japan.
第1章 オーストラリアの研究型大学における外国人教員一インタビュー調査を中心に一… 黄福涛 1
第2章 中国の大学における外国人大学教員一インタビュー調査を中心に一… 黄福涛 11
第3章 日本の大学における外国人教員の採用一官庁データとインタビュー調査をふまえて一… 大膳司・黄福涛 25
第4章 日本における外国人大学教員一属性的特徴と意識を中心に一… 黄福涛・大膳司 39
第5章 日本の大学における中国人教員一属性的特徴、所属機関への適応、国際化への意見一… 陳麗蘭 57
第6章 外国人大学教員に対する役割期待に関する研究一地方国立大学S大学を例にして一… 李敏 71
付録 日本の大学における外国人教員に関する調査