Reviews in higher education Volume 153
2020-03-31 発行


The Organizational Identity of Postwar Women's Universities in Japan
Hashimoto, Koichi
加藤 靖子
小原 明恵
中村(冨田) 知世
今野 翔太
齋藤 崇德
岸田 昌也
寺田 悠希
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Since the 1990s, in a neo-liberal competitive environment, universities have been challenged by various stakeholders such as governments, markets, and clients, as to what their university is. A new approach to this issue is the study of “Organizational Identity” (OI), which has been implemented in many research papers. The study of OI was originally proposed by Albert & Whetten (1985), who argued it OI is composed of three criteria: (1) Central, (2) Enduring, and (3) Distinctive (CED). Based on CED, this study took up 8 women's universities established in the prewar period as cases, and analyzed how the OI of each university has been formed and transformed, with reference to the narratives of past presidents of each university. The findings are as follows:

1. There are several words and themes that have been uttered consistently and clearly by the presidents, so OI is both multiple and continuous.
2. Multiple OIs coexist, but there are differences in how each OI is emphasized depending on the times and context.
3. Among OI's resources are the words of the founder and the history of the university.
4. OIs may share the same words and themes, but the meaning is reinterpreted repeatedly according to the times and the environment.
5. The OI crisis was recognized in the 1990s when the university reform began.

Based on these findings, it is necessary to deepen our consideration of the relationship between institutional logics in the university field and the interaction between the internal culture and the image and reputation outside the university.
はじめに―本研究の視座と目的―… 橋本鉱市 1
第1章 組織アイデンティティ研究と大学組織… 橋本鉱市 5
第2章 我が国の女子大学―歴史と先行研究―… 加藤靖子 26
第3章 戦後日本における女子大学の趨勢―事例分析対象大学の位置―… 小原明恵・加藤靖子 23

第4章 お茶の水女子大学―「女子の最高学府」を中心として―… 中村(冨田)知世 31
第5章 日本女子大学―成瀬仁蔵と「女子の総合大学」―… 加藤靖子 41
第6章 津田塾大学―「私塾」からその先へ―… 今野翔太 49
第7章 聖心女子大学―宗教性とその拡大―… 齋藤崇德 57
第8章 東京女子大学―伝統に基づく変容―… 齋藤崇德 65
第9章 東京家政大学―「自主自律」と拡張される実学―… 岸田昌也 73
第10章 実践女子大学―学祖下田歌子という源泉―… 加藤靖子 81
第11章 大妻女子大学―学祖大妻コタカの不変性―… 寺田悠希 89
おわりに―大学OI の課題と展望―… 橋本鉱市 97