Reviews in higher education Volume 147
2019-03-31 発行

韓国の高等教育政策 : 直面する課題と利害関係者

Higher Education Policy in South Korea: Debatable issues and stakeholders
Kang, Heeeun
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This paper discusses controversial issues within higher education policy in South Korea. It is broadly acknowledged that educational policy reforms must balance the competing and often intersecting interests of a wide variety of stakeholders, and as a result of these dynamics controversy regularly emerges in the wake of new policy. This is evident in South Korea. If we can recognize the differences and the features of their opinions in their own context, it could be useful for us to be able to grasp the current state, the dynamism and the future direction of Korean higher education in some degrees.
The paper consists of five chapters, covering recent controversial policy issues while also offering for readers some basic information regarding the key features of South Korean higher education. Chapter one discusses the ‘Part-time Lecturer Law,’ which was recently introduced to improve the treatment of early career faculty. Chapter two gives information on the college student support system, in the context of declining employment prospects for recent graduates. Chapters three and four overview the college entrance examination reform as a political issue, with which society has long been concerned. The last chapter examines the ‘National University Upbringing Business,’ which the government expects to play an important role in the development of local areas. In combination we provide an understanding of how higher education has changed through public debate, focusing on each stakeholder’s view.
はしがき 小川佳万 …i
第1章 時間講師をめぐる問題と「大学時間講師法」の制定 小川佳万 …1
第2章 高等教育における若年者雇用問題への対策-中小企業就職への支援と生涯職業教育体制の構築を中心に- 小川佳万 …17
第3章 大学入試改革における入学査定官制度の導入―「公教育の正常化」と「格差の是正」― 姜姫銀 …33
第4章 大学入試改革をめぐる葛藤と試行錯誤―文在寅政府の取組みを中心に― 姜姫銀 …55
第5章 大学統合ネットワーク論―「大学序列体制」の解体をめぐる諸論について― 姜姫銀 …77