Reviews in higher education Volume 145
2019-03-31 発行


The Modern Development of the Residence Life Program in Higher Education
Abe, Yukiko
Hashiba, Ron
ヒグラシ, トモコ
チョウ, シンイチ
Mochizuki, Yuki
水野(林) 貴子
ウエマツ, キヨコ
キタザワ, ヤスコ
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This document focuses on the Residence Life Program in higher education. A paradigm shift from teaching to learning has facilitated significant changes in higher education. Student affairs and services have regained attention as a feature of educational systems that facilitate an improvement in student learning outcomes, including human development globally. In particular, the Residence Life Program is symbolic of changes in student affairs and services. Residence Life plays a crucial role in student learning and life on campus. However, it also faces pressure to promote this educational approach for students despite the challenges of efficient management and a shortage of resources.
This document considers the case of the Residence Life Program in Japan, the USA, and China. These three countries have a different student character and social background to higher education. We explore the contexts and processes of the development of the Residence Life Programs in diverse environments surrounding higher education.
Residence Life Programs have various styles in each country. There are high expectations in the Residence Life Program because students can communicate with other students and faculty in the program, and in the classroom. Resident assistants have an essential role in building this community. The common tasks in three countries are developing student leaders and professionals who facilitate student learning through the educational approach of the Residence Life Program and evaluate and assess the programs based on the student learning outcomes.
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