Reviews in higher education Volume 143
2018-03-31 発行


Teaching Staff and Organization in Two Sectors of Non-university Higher Education in Japan
Inenaga, Yuki
Yoshimoto, Keiichi
張 琳
川俣 美佐子
長谷川 祐介
The single-track model of the Japanese school system has paid little attention to vocational education and training. However, a new type of tertiary education institutions emphasizing vocational education, so called professional universities and colleges, will be inaugurated in 2019 and existing sectors are also requested to strengthen vocational education. Questions have arisen about how and by whom relevant vocational education can be well delivered. This volume analyses data from a 2011 nationwide survey, directed by Prof. Dr. Keiichi Yoshimoto, of teaching staffs and teaching organisations in junior colleges and professional training colleges. The questions focused upon requirements, educational background, prior experiences, recruitment, work conditions, actual work, competencies, and career developments.
Three dimensions are investigated. First, examined is whether academic profession models based on research universities are applicable to non-university teaching staffs or other alternative model oriented to vocational education is needed; second, the differences between both non-university sectors are examined, as only the junior college sector is legally defined as part of universities; and third, the roles of full- and part-time teaching staffs as well as administrative staffs are investigated because most institutions in both sectors are smaller in size than in university and the division of work in teaching organizations is also one of the important research interests of this study.
As a result, it became clear that teaching staffs of two sectors are unique from university's academic professions and that an alternative teaching staff model is needed for these sectors. Differences between junior colleges and professional training colleges are detected but rather similar as communal area of vocationally focused short-cycle institutions: for example, the importance of part-time teaching staffs delivering live vocational currency.
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