Reviews in higher education Volume 141
2018-03-31 発行


Comparative Study on Professional Education
Fukudome, Hideto
下瀬川 正幸
田中 正弘
戸田 千速
柴 恭史
小野里 拓
杉本 昌彦
李 麗花
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Professional education has recently become increasingly important in Japanese universities, More than a decade has passed since 2004 when the professional school system was established in Japanese higher education. This research project focuses on professional education both at the graduate and undergraduate levels. It primarily considers the future of Japanese professional education by comparing its counterpart in the United States.
Chapter 1 presents an overview of professional education in Japan and the United States and discusses their historical progress and recent issues.
Chapters 2 to 8 are composed of three parts. The First Part (Chapter 2, 3, and 4) covers traditional professional education: Medicine, Law, and Business. Chapter 2 discusses professional education in medical field, especially radiation therapy professions, by comparing graduate program training systems; Chapter 3 describes the issues of newly established law schools in Japan; And Chapter 4 compares four business schools, which were established at national research universities.
The Second Part (Chapter 5 and 6) covers two relatively new professional fields. Chapter 5 compares graduate education in the science fields; this analysis is based on both Japanese and American case studies. Chapter 6 discusses the increased progress of university staff members’ professionalization in America compared to that in Japan.
The Third Part (Chapter 7 and 8) focuses on the relationship of professional education with the outside society. Chapter 7 discusses and provides specific examples of how service learning in the engineering field developed in both countries. Chapter 8 discusses human resource development through industry-university collaboration. It reveals the effect of capacity building in students and business persons, and describes how industry-university collaboration is conducted.
はしがき… i
第1章 専門職教育に関する日米比較―研究の視点―… 福留東土 1
第2章 放射線医療技術系専門職の大学院教育に関する日米比較
―医学物理士および診療放射線技師について―… 下瀬川正幸 11
第3章 司法試験予備試験と法科大学院
―エリート選抜制度としての予備試験―… 田中正弘 25
第4章 研究大学のビジネススクールに関する比較研究
― 一橋大学HMBA・ICS・京都大学GSM・九州大学QBS を事例として―
… 戸田千速 33
第5章 理学系専門職養成に関する日米比較… 柴恭史 59
第6章 大学内専門職養成の日米比較… 小野里拓 75
第7章 社会貢献活動を通じた専門分野の学び
―工学分野におけるサービスラーニングを事例として―… 杉本昌彦 91
第8章 産学連携教育の盛衰―広島大学のMOT 教育を事例に―… 李麗花 101