Studies in European and American Cultures
Issue 18
Date of Issue:2011-12-31
current number
Publisher : The Association for the Research of European and American Cultures,Graduate School of Integrated Arts and Sciences,Hiroshima University
Schwache definite Nominalphrasen im Deutschen : Inwieweit lässt sich der bestimmte Artikel als „definit" bezeichnen?
Yoshida, Mitsunobu;
PP. 5 - 20
La famille Trepperel, libraire-marchant-imprimeur parisien et leurs pages de titre : De l'incunable au post-incunable
Hirate, Tomohiko;
PP. 57 - 70
Byron's Quintessential Images in the Heavens from Manfred to Cain
Tahara, Mitsuhiro;
PP. 71 - 84
How Urban Events Establish Roots in the Local Community : A Case Study of the 'Hiroshima Flower Festival' in Hiroshima City, Japan
Seo, Jaeseung;
PP. 85 - 101