NIDABA Issue 38
2009-03-31 発行


The characteristic points in Turkish and Japanese proverbs about marriage are as follows. First, in Turkish proverbs, there are many concrete expressions that give men lessons about a suitable kind of woman to marry. Secondly, most Japanese proverbs are expressed from the man's point of view, whereas, in Turkish, proverbs from the viewpoint of women are also found. Thirdly, in Turkish proverbs, there are many proverbs about realistic topics like the relationship between a wife and her mother-in-law, and brides are mostly described as a strong presence. Fourthly, when the images for women in Japanese and Turkish proverbs are compared, we find women who are subordinate, dependent on men or looked down on as weak figures from the male viewpoint in Japanese proverbs, but in Turkish, it is characteristic that men are rather frightened of women or dependent on women, and the figure of a strong woman like the central pillar at home is drawn. Sometimes a woman in Islamic society is apt to be given an image in which she is under the control of the man and has restricted freedom, but at least in the world of Turkish proverbs, the woman is not a weak presence at all.