Bulletin of the Institute for the Cultural Studies of the Seto Inland Sea Issue 44
2016-03-31 発行


(Reprint) Nagayo Michiyo “Dekkansho” (1)
Itakura, Taiki
Dalmi, Katalin
Manda, Keita
Kumao, Saya
Nagayo Michiyo (formerly Okada Michiyo) (1885-1968) is a female writer from Hiroshima, known as the model of Tayama Katai's novel, "Futon". However, Michiyo also wrote novels, girls' novels, herself as well as translating several works from the end of the Meiji era through to the Taisho period.

This paper presents a transcription of the manuscript "Dekkansho", an unpublished novel from the author's late years. This is a story about Michiyo's brother and the successor of Natsume Sōseki as a professor at "The First Higher School, Japan", Okada Jitsumaro and his family.

The first half of the novel is published in this issue, while the latter half with notes and comments are planned to be published in the next issue.
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