Bulletin of the Institute for the Cultural Studies of the Seto Inland Sea
Issue 27
Date of Issue:1999-03-31
current number
ISSN : 0386-3182
Publisher : The Institute for Cultural Studeies of the Seto Inland Sea, Graduate School of Letters, Hiroshima University
The difference of words' meaning among native speakers of Aki Dialect. : In case of quantity adverbs of Ocyo and Kake dialect
Iwaki, Hiroyuki;
PP. 1 - 15
A study of Wooden Writing Tablet inscribed with Kamo(加茂) country(Kori 評) Mihara(柞原) Village(Ri 里), excavated from Asuka(飛鳥) Lake(Ike 池) Site.
Nishibeppu, Motoka;
PP. 17 - 40