Bulletin of the Institute for the Cultural Studies of the Seto Inland Sea
Issue 15
Date of Issue:1987-12-28
current number
ISSN : 0386-3182
Publisher : The Institute for Cultural Studeies of the Seto Inland Sea, Graduate School of Letters, Hiroshima University
Archaeological Remains at OKIURA Site, Kamikamagari-jima Island, Hiroshima Prefecture (2)
Furuse, Kiyohide; Suzuki, Yasuyuki; Murata, Akio; Hojo, Yoshitaka; Takehiro, Fumiaki;
PP. 1 - 13
Outmigration from the Islands in the Seto Inland Sea and the Dokyo Group in Cities <Geography>
Okahashi, Hidenori;
PP. 15 - 26