Bulletin of music culture education Issue 33
2021-03-23 発行

合唱活動参加者の意識変容 : 共同学習者間の相互行為・実践コミュニティ参加の視点から

The Transformation of Consciousness for Singers: From the Perspective of Interaction and Community of Practice
KOSAKA, Hikari
Although music learning has the main purpose of becoming able to play music and gaining skills, it is also important for singers to consider how they and others have transformed through the activity. The transformation of singers’ views toward learning music is interrelated with the transformation of their thoughts, values, attitudes, and renewing them with new experiences is a critical aspect of music learning. In particular, since chorus is a collaborative activity, the transformation of individual views may be influenced by specific consciousness in the activity. Further, belonging to a chorus and working also engender a perspective of how to behave as a member and gaining a mindset. This study aims to consider the influence of interaction and gaining a mindset that occurs in singers in the practical community from a sociological approach. Participation in the expressions within a chorus group can be a reflection of the singers’ “participation in performance”. The transformation of a singer’s perspective toward music learning is carried out during performing as well as when reflecting past performing and learning. This can constitute an opportunity for singers to attribute meaning to what they sing. Additionally, participation in the practice community engenders singers’ orientation. Finally, the attitude of striving according to that orientation is a mentality born in the practice community, and it is critical for becoming an independent singer.