Bulletin of music culture education Issue 33
2021-03-23 発行

音楽科教員養成における模擬授業の傾向分析 : 導入部に着目して

Trend Analysis of Demo Lessons in Music Teacher Education: Focusing on the Introductory Section
This article aims to clarify tendencies in them by focusing on the introductory section of demo lessons. The research method consists in an analysis of teaching behavior. The purpose of the class entitled “Studies in Teaching of Music”, which is given to second-year students, is to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to become a music teacher. After being taught the interpretation of the course of study, evaluation method, and writing a teaching plan, students take a 15-minute demo lesson. As a result of the analysis, I discovered five trends. First, few teachers confirm what they have learned or know, which was found to result from their lack of understanding of the curriculum and of studying the teaching materials. Second, there are many explanations by teachers, which was caused by the fact that it was their first demo lesson, they were lacked knowledge. Third, many teachers ask simple questions. Consequently, they were unable to motivate learners or deepen their thinking. Fourth, few teachers evaluate students. As it was their first demo lesson, they were unable to evaluate them and had no vocabulary. Fifth, students do not speak independently, as they are not surrounded with a free-speaking atmosphere and they have been unable to motivate themselves. However, a reason for this student issue was that university students played the role of students, which did not properly reflect the behavior of junior and senior high school students. Thus, I aim to consider a teaching method that will improve the teaching ability of students.