Bulletin of music culture education Issue 32
2020-03-23 発行

子どもの歌唱活動における音楽的成長と価値観の変容 : 倉敷少年少女合唱団に着目して

Changes in Musical Development and Values in Children’s Singing Activities: Focus on Kurashiki Youth Chorus
AOKI, Saeko
The purpose of this study is to clarify children’s musical development and changes in feelings and values until they complete learning the music. To elucidate this process, I acted as a participant observer in the activities of the Kurashiki Youth Chorus and they completed a questionnaire survey. The data were analyzed based on the grounded theory approach. As a result, the children’s impression of the beginning of the song changed and deepened through their practice process. Through the training process, the children were able to express the inner nature of music and their image of the music in their own words with diversity of expression.
Special Number Commemorating the Retirement of Professor Mayumi Mimura