Bulletin of music culture education Issue 32
2020-03-23 発行

合唱活動参加者における指導者や共同学習者に対する認識の変容 : 音楽学習の認識の変容とともに

The Transformation of Regard to Singing Leaders and Co-Learners in Music Learning
KOSAKA, Hikari
The transformation of singers’ views about learning music is views of singers who regard learning about music and teaches them to recognize their own reasons based on their awareness of the continuity of learning and the learning action. This transformation could lead them to lifelong music learning. Conductors and co-singers effect transformation in singers’ views about learning music. This study aims to clarify how this transformation was brought about in the views of singers who regard conductors and co-singers using SCAT (Steps for Coding and Theorization). Considering singers’ perspectives regarding conductors and co-singers, singers cannot only use positive experience; therefore, positive and negative experiences are linked to each other and bring a new set of values and actions. Conductors must be sensitive to the singer’s fluctuation between positive and negative experiences and update their perspective as appropriate. Furthermore, performing in a choir requires singers to be particularly aware of their co-singers. Singers are concerned with the community and act to transform their views about co-singers. Conductors and co-singers affect singers in various ways; in particular, conductors must lead the community choir as facilitators.
Special Number Commemorating the Retirement of Professor Mayumi Mimura