Bulletin of music culture education Issue 30
2018-03-22 発行

総合的な音楽能力の育成に関する研究 : 「〈音楽家の耳〉トレーニング」システムを導入した授業における教育方法の比較

Fostering Comprehensive Music Ability: A Comparison of Educational Methods in Classes Introducing “The Musician’s Ear Comprehensive Training in Musicianship”
Okada, Yoko
In 2000, the Elisabeth University of Music launched a developmental system to foster the comprehensive ability necessary for the practice of music. In 2002, ‘‘The Musician’s Ear Comprehensive Training in Musicianship’’ was published to train subjects in the system. Since 2000, the Elisabeth University of Music has taught this system as a compulsory subject, aiming to foster comprehensive musical ability by integrating learning of solfège and music theory. However, although teaching is based on this system, no specific instruction manual is available. Thus, the method of education is left to the teachers discretion. In this study, I observed two classes, recorded video and interviewed two teachers to investigate and analyze the teaching methods used in each class. A comparison of the two teaching methods revealed several similarities, and some points of difference. Similarities included the method for selecting teaching material, and an emphasis on aural training. Differences included the method of operation of the system. Thus, even when the same educational system was employed, various approaches were used for the method of education. In addition, the investigation identified several difficulties among students, suggesting possibilities for the development of new teaching methods to resolve them.