Bulletin of music culture education Issue 27
2015-03-20 発行

『教科適用幼年唱歌』のなかにみられる田村虎蔵の唱歌教材観 : 曲節の分析を通して

Sight-Singing Materials of Torazo Tamura as Used in Yonen Shoka : Kyoka Tekiyo through an Analysis of Melody
Yamada, Megumi
This study examines the use of sight-singing materials and makes a comparison of their employment in Yonen Shoka: Kyoka Tekiyo and other works by Torazo Tamura. This study pays particular attention to the use of sight-singing materials with respect to melody and in terms of time, mode, and musical range. Tamura was a musical educator and composer who was active in the Showa and Meiji periods, and he played a major role in the development of music education in Japan. Tamura described sight-singing materials in books and magazine articles. His Jinjo Shogaku Shoka Kyojusho was published over the period of 1913-17; this work appeared after Jinjo Shogaku Shoka, which was published from 1911 to 1914. In these books, Tamura describes his use of sight-singing materials developed based on his practical experience over many years. Yonen Shoka: Kyoka Tekiyo is a collection of songs that was edited by Tamura along with others, and it was published from 1900 to 1902. This latter volume was written for first- to fourth-grade elementary school students. Tamura declared that the book was compiled with an educational purpose in mind. The present study presents the results of an analysis with respect to correlations between time and mode in the teaching materials of Tamura, and it also takes musical range into account.