Bulletin of music culture education Issue 27
2015-03-20 発行

イタリアにおける中学校音楽科の義務教育化と音楽教育法に関する研究 : 1963年プログラムに関連した教科書と「音楽教育の手引き」に着目して

Compulsory Education in Italian Middle School Music Departments and the Music Education Act : Textbooks Associated with the 1963 Program and Guide to Music Education
Onouchi, Ai
This paper aims to clarify the requirements for music education as part of general education in Italy through an assessment of the 1963 program, the music textbooks published by Ricordi during the implementation of that program, and the Guide to Music Education textbooks. I found that the textbooks focused on music theory, although the 1963 program emphasized practical training of students with a love of music. Further, the Guide to Music Education series was published specifically for use in the classroom, where music teachers ought to be familiar with technical aspects of music. The series also plays a role as a manual that can be used in more professional classes; for such classes, textbooks generally either treat the content as being of minor importance or fail to cover it altogether. The following three points may be considered with regard to music education today. First, it is necessary to cultivate a love of music in students. Second, it is important to teach a wide range of music. Third, it is especially necessary to equip students with a basic knowledge of music. The Guide to Music series may help in achieving those objectives.