Bulletin of music culture education Issue 27
2015-03-20 発行

音楽的表現育成プログラムの活動第4段階における拍感の形成過程の特徴 : 異なる保育形態における実践過程の分析を通して

Characteristics of Pulse Formation Phase of a Program for Musical Expression Development : a Qualitative Analysis with Different Forms of Nursery Education
Sano, Mina
This study aimed to examine the characteristics of pulse formation among young children by means of program for musical expression development with different forms of nursery education. I examined these characteristics before and after the implementation of the program by means of quantitative analysis of the results of a musical test taken by the participants. I took part in the program and gave the test before and after music practice at a nursery school that followed the Montessori educational approach. I also made a qualitative analysis of the performance of the schoolchildren, who lacked musical experience, to consider the characteristics of the practical process of pulse formation. As a story and role understanding advance, young children's expression indicated the recognition of pulse in the fragmentary reproduction and role playing until the third phase of the activity comes to be created. K nursery schoolers received music and did expression indicating the recognition of pulse as role playing for every movement. Furthermore, it was clarified that the practice of the musical expression upbringing program encouraged to recognize musical elements of K nursery schoolers through the quantitative analysis.