Bulletin of music culture education Issue 26
2014-03-20 発行


The Effects of Learning Motivation on Lifelong Learning of Music
Beppu, Yuko
The purpose of this study is to investigate factors that affect aggressiveness for the learning, intention to ontinue learning, and elevating sprit, and to investigate how those factors can influence lifelong music learning. A questionnaire is completed by people learn playing in chorus, playing taisyogoto, or wind instrument music. As the result of factor analysis, 7 factors that affect learning is found, as follows: “school education”, “finding value of learning”, “a sense that couldn’t learn music enough at school”, “competence”, “environment of learning”, “uneasiness about playing”, and “uneasiness about a sense belonging”. In addition, it is revealed that there are 3 orientations of learning as follows: purpose-in-life-orientation, participation-community- orientation, and music-activity-orientation. As a result of multiple regression analysis, it is shown that finding “value of learning” is one of important factor to promote lifelong learning of music. And for the person who learns with purpose-in-life-orientation or purpose-in-life-orientation, “environment of learning” has negative influence on elevating sprit. Additionally, it becomes clear that for the person learns with participation-community- orientation “uneasiness about playing” is a factor that disturbed aggressiveness for the learning.