Bulletin of music culture education Issue 26
2014-03-20 発行

米国各州における音楽スタンダードの構成の特徴 : 全米芸術教育標準に準じる6州を中心に

Study on the Constructive Concept of the Music Standards in America : Focusing on Arizona, Arkansas, Georgia, Indiana, Missouri, and Tennessee
Nagai, Megumi
The purpose of this paper was to find the point of the music standards in Arizona, Arkansas, Georgia, Indiana, Missouri, and Tennessee. Hiraiwa (2010) showed that these standards conform to National Standards for Arts Education worked out in 1994. It acknowledges arts as important subject to education as English, mathematics, history and others. In this study, analyzed these standards in 6 states, and explained its contexture and distinction. As results, show the following things. Arizona has 3 strands (Create, Relate, and Evaluate) in Arizona Music Standards. In this, “Understanding music in relation to self and universal themes” is set as unique content standard. Arkansas has 4 strands (Skill and Techniques, Creative Expression, Critical Analysis and Connections) in Fine Arts Curriculum Framework., “Techniques” in Skill and Techniques expects students to gain skills for performance is unique. Georgia has 4 strands (Skills and Techniques/ Performance, Creative Expression and Communication, Critical Analysis/Investigate and Cultural and Historical Context) in Georgia Music Performance Standards. In this, “Moving, alone and with others, to a varied repertoire of music” is unique content standard and expects to respond to music with moving (locomotor movements, non-locomotor movements, dance and so on) Indiana has 3 strands (Performing Music, Creating Music and Responding to Music) in Indiana Academic Standards for Music. In this, these standards focus on various cultures, the other arts and disciplines outside the arts. Missouri has 5 strands (Product/Performance, Elements and Principles of Music, Artistic Perceptions, Interdisciplinary Connections and Historic and Cultural Contexts) in MUSIC GRADE-LEVEL EXPECTATIONS. These music standards in this have concepts in these strands. (ex. Independent Singing, Expressive Singing, Repertoire, Part Singing and Group Singing) Tennessee has no strands in Music Curriculum Standards and only 9 contents standards.