Bulletin of music culture education Issue 26
2014-03-20 発行


A Consideration on Onchi and Singing Development
Ohnishi, Junichi
The purpose of this article is to introduce briefly the contents of the book entitled “Onchi and Singing Development: A Cross-Cultural Perspective”, witch wrote up the contents of the presentations of the symposium, “First International Symposium on Poor Pitch Singers”, and to denote the author’s consideration about that contents. Firstly, this author denotes the interest to the onchi in a karaoke society from sociological aspects of poor pitch singing. Following it, the author denotes various aspects of singing in tune. Moreover, a sequence of observations for the features of the pitches of children’s singing, and considers the results of the experiments concern effects of memory on melody reproduction ability with voices and of vocal pitching by nine year olds. And, reviews several studies concerns children’s singing skills, and so, remarks that the needs for the studies on teaching systematically accurate pitching. After that, denotes the result of the survey of poor pitch singers of school children in Japan and introduces the results of experiments which concerns for identifying poor pitch singing. And surveys studies on evaluation of voice performance and at last, implicates pedagogically the development of poor pitch singing and development of singing.