Bulletin of music culture education Issue 26
2014-03-20 発行

現代イタリアの音楽教育システムにおける歌唱教育についての研究 : Delfratiの普通教育機関と専門教育機関での音楽科教科書の比較をとおして

A Research on the Teaching of the Singing of Music Education System in Contemporary Italy : The Comparative Study of the Music Textbooks of School Educational Institution and Professional Educational Institution by Delfrati
Onouchi, Ai
In order to explore the present state of vocal music education within Italy’s music education system, this paper surveys the content of textbooks used in specialized and non-specialized educational institutions and, with reference to the educational philosophy of Delfrati, considers how the objectives and significance of vocal music education vary according to institution type. Results reveal that the main objective of vocal music education in Italy is to acquire an awareness of pitch. Although this objective is the same for both non-specialized and specialized education institutions, an examination of further objectives reveals differences between the two types of institution. Since non-specialized educational institutions aim to foster love for music and the ability live alongside it, while specialized educational institutions aim to provide education that also strives to nurture musicians, the nature of vocal music education can be seen to vary according to institution type.