Bulletin of music culture education Issue 25
2013-03-22 発行


The Music Educational Philosophy of lchiro NAKAYA Supporting 'FUSHIZUKURI EDUCATION' as the Principal of FURUKAWA Elementary School in GIFU Prefecture (2)
'Fushizukuri Education' is a milestone in Japanese music education. It was practiced in Furukawa Elementary School in Yoshiki District, Gifu Prefecture and achieved a brilliant success.
In 1966, Furukawa Elementary School was selected as a pilot school for elementary school music education. Ichiro Nakaya, a section chief in the local education office in Hida at that time, is the person who had a great influence on this selection. When Hiroshi Yamamoto, the supervisor of Gifu Prefecture, asked Nakaya's advice for the selection of a pilot school, Nakaya recommended Furukawa Elementary school where he graduated. In 1967, Nakaya became the principal of Furukawa Elementary School and showed his tremendous ability in school management. He consistently supported "Fushizukuri Education" and highly contributed to its development. This paper clarified the untold music educational philosophy of Principal Ichiro Nakaya.