Bulletin of music culture education
Issue 25
Date of Issue:2013-03-22
current number
ISSN : 1347-0205
Publisher : Department of Music Culture Education, Graduate School of Education, Hiroshima University
Commemorative Essays for the Retirement of Prof. Jun'nosuke Chiba
In Honour of Professor Jun’nosuke Chiba
Hamamoto, Yoshiyasu;
PP. 1 - 1
Resume of Prof. Jun'nosuke CHIBA
PP. 2 - 4
A Field Study on the Traditional Performing Arts in Taipei
Masuyma, Kenji;
PP. 21 - 28
The Scenario of Kyôgen Music 'SALUKAMI' (Naked Apes and Deities) for Woodwind Quintet and Kyôgen Actor: Giving My Respect to Prof. Jun'nosuke Chiba
Hisatome, Tomoyuki;
PP. 29 - 34
Great Time with Prof. Jun’nosuke Chiba
Kitazawa, Takaaki;
PP. 35 - 35
The Music Educational Philosophy of lchiro NAKAYA Supporting 'FUSHIZUKURI EDUCATION' as the Principal of FURUKAWA Elementary School in GIFU Prefecture (1)
Yoshitomi, Katsunobu; Mimura, Mayumi;
PP. 37 - 44
The Music Educational Philosophy of lchiro NAKAYA Supporting 'FUSHIZUKURI EDUCATION' as the Principal of FURUKAWA Elementary School in GIFU Prefecture (2)
Mimura, Mayumi; Yoshitomi, Katsunobu;
PP. 45 - 52
Academic Character of Music Education Studies as Curriculum Research and Development
Ito, Shin;
PP. 53 - 60
Masao Ohki and the film "The Hiroshima Panels": Towards his Fifth Symphony "Hiroshima"
Notohara, Yumi;
PP. 61 - 68
Can Young Children Memorize the Absolute Pitch of a Newly Learned Tune?: An Examination with Production Task
Ohnishi, Junichi;
PP. 69 - 76
Eine Sorgenberatung über den Klavierunterricht aus 18. Jahrhundert: Anhand eines Beispiel; J.G.Buchholzs "Unterricht für diejenigen"
Ono, Ryosuke;
PP. 77 - 81
Изменение Историческоrо Суждения о М. П. Мусорrском: О Выражении Реализма
Takeshita, Kanako;
PP. 83 - 90
Characteristics of "The First National School Music Week (1921)" in the Weimar Republic
Kudo, Chiaki;
PP. 91 - 97
Early Music Performance Rating Scale Using Facet-Factorial Approach: Abeles's Clarinet Music Performance Rating Scale
Sakai, Yuya;
PP. 99 - 106
An Approach to the Course of Study (Music) for the Elementary School in 1968 by Ministry of Education: Special Reference to the Relation to Criticism Against the Course of Study (Music) for the Elementary School in 1958
Shidoji, Yu;
PP. 107 - 115
Basic Contents of Junior High School Music Textbooks Authorized in 1971: Comparing Kyouiku-Syuppan Edition and Kyouiku-Geijyutsu-Sha Edition
Sugihara, Ayumi;
PP. 117 - 124
Hisao Kitamura's Educational Theory of Music: From the Viewpoint of Character Building
Yamamoto, Chihiro;
PP. 125 - 130
The Training for the Listening Ability in American Music Textbooks: Paid to Relations of the National Standards for Arts Education
Awaki, Yoko;
PP. 131 - 138
Research on Handling of Japanese Traditional Music in Junior High School Music Textbooks: Comparison the 2002 Edition with the 2012 Edition
Katsube, Yoko;
PP. 139 - 146
Kikuo Shirai's Viewpoint about Singing-Dancing Education in Meiji Period
Horie, Haruka;
PP. 147 - 153
The Approach of Learning Dynamics in Elementary Music Textbooks in Australia
Inouchi, Shiho;
PP. 155 - 160
The Consideration the Situation of Public Performances at Music Halls in Postwar Hiroshima According to the Contents of Eiga Techo
Hotta, Kanae;
PP. 161 - 168
The Pedagogical Inftuence of Koichi Nomura on Audience in Prevailing Period of Classical Music to Japan: Content Analysis of 20 Years of Music in Criticism (Hihyo-kara-mita-ongaku-nijunen)
Sumikawa, Takashi;
PP. 169 - 176
Concerning the Education System for Music Therapists in Japan: A Comparison between Curricula of Schools Certified by the Japanese Music Therapy Association
Fukui, Kana;
PP. 177 - 184
Bildungspläne der Bundesländer in Deutschland für die Frühe Bildung in Kindertageseinrichtungen: Vergleich den Bildungsplan von Bremen mit dem von Thüringen
Inoshita, Beni;
PP. 185 - 190
The Effects of Visual Stimuli on Emotion in Music Listening: With a Focus on Compatibility between Music and Images
Segawa, Megumi;
PP. 191 - 198
Relation between Sight-Reading Ability and Music Dictation Ability
Mukaida, Akari;
PP. 199 - 205
A Study on Efforts to Maximize Music Performance: Effectiveness and Possibilities of Applying Mental Training
Hirayama, Yuuki;
PP. 207 - 214
Kindergarten Education in Deutsche Schule Tokyo Yokohama: With a Focus on the Cooperation between Kindergarten and Elementary School
Imoto, Miho;
PP. 215 - 222
Research Note
La Bibliothèque Royale de Belgique: Les Livres sur la Théorie Musicale dans la Section de la Musique
Osako, Chikako;
PP. 223 - 225
Japanese Translation
Christopher Simpson The Division-Viol, or, The Art of PLAYING Extempore upon a GROUND. EDITIO SECVNDA Dedication & Recommendation
Takeshita, Kanako; Noumi, Yoshifumi; Hotta, Kanae; Yamamoto, Chihiro; Doi, Yuriko; Fukui, Kana; Segawa, Megumi; Mukaida, Akari; Fujimura, Asami; Hirayama, Yuhki; Yamagishi, Miki; Nishitani, Nana; Tanaka, Ayaka; Fujii, Aiko; Notohara, Yumi; Chiba, Jun’nosuke;
PP. 227 - 230