Bulletin of music culture education Issue 24
2012-03-22 発行

オーストラリアの芸術科カリキュラム(音楽)における多文化教育の視点 : 初等段階に着目して

The Arts (Music) of Australian Curriculum: Elementary Stage of Multicultural Education
Inouchi, Shiho
This study is intended to consider a viewpoint of multicultural education in the arts (music) education, using the Australian curriculum of the arts (music) as object of the study.
As a result, it was shown that in all Australian states some activities of music such as listening to music or singing songs should be multicultural.
Furthermore, there was a state where activities which created or appreciated were used as the basis of recognition and talking about the backgrounds of the music of the various cultures.
The heart of learning about multicultural education in the field of Australian music is aimed at recognizing music after experiencing various culture's music.