Bulletin of music culture education Issue 24
2012-03-22 発行

アメリカの音楽科教科書Silver Burdett Making Music (2008)における聴取活動 : Texture/Harmony を主な学習要素とするレッスンに着目して

Listening Activities in "Silver Burdett Making Music" (2008): Paid to Lessons which Use Texture/Harmony as the Main Study Element
Awaki, Yoko
The purpose of this study is to examine the listening ability and the characteristic of the way that training found in American music textbook Silver Burdett Making Music (2008) by Pearson Scott Foresman. Especially in this study, the lessons are analyzed set Texture/Harmony as the main study element. Its analysis was carried out focusing on the following two points: (1) specific learning contents and (2) the relevance with the National Standards for Arts Education. The total number of lessons set up Texture/Harmony has been set as the main study element was 31 across 9 grades. In addition, the rapid increase of lessons about Texture/Harmony can look after Grade-6. There were many activities to make compositions in order to compare or evaluate music and to represent by actions or remarks. It is confirmed that the characteristic of listening activities in Making Music series is the process of deepening their learning by moving the target to focus on with each passing grade while linking the performance and listening activities.