Bulletin of music culture education
Issue 24
Date of Issue:2012-03-22
current number
ISSN : 1347-0205
Publisher : Department of Music Culture Education, Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences, Hiroshima University
The Decline of "Fusizukuri Music Education" and Protects of Hiroshi YAMAMOTO
Yoshitomi, Katsunobu; Mimura, Mayumi;
PP. 1 - 10
Development of Music Classes on Gagaku in Elementary and Junior High School
Ito, Shin; Sumikawa, Takashi; Sugihara, Ayumi; Horie, Haruka; Inouchi, Shiho; Awaki, Yoko; Okada, Minami; Katsube, Yoko; Yamamoto, Chihiro;
PP. 11 - 20
Notohara, Yumi;
PP. 21 - 29
American Kindergarten Song Books’ Development from the View Point of Vandewalker and Hill in the Early 20th Century
Takeuchi, Hiroaki;
PP. 31 - 38
A Consideration of Singing Education in School Textbooks of Music in Italy: An Analysis of MUSICA live (2009)
Onouchi, Ai;
PP. 47 - 55
A Study of "Music Cultivation in the House" at the Third Conference about Arts Education
Kudo, Chiaki;
PP. 57 - 63
The Educational Philosophy of Music of Borland: Focusing on Musical Foundations (1927)
Kobayashi, Mikiko;
PP. 65 - 71
The Introduction of Music GCSE: Through an Examinations on Articles in the TES
Matsushita, Yuki;
PP. 73 - 80
Assessment Technique in National Assessment of Educational Progress Music: An Investigation of the Report of 1997 Field Test
Sakai, Yuya;
PP. 81 - 88
Critical Reaction to Beethoven: Focusing on François-Joseph Fétis' Études de Beethoven
Osako, Chikako;
PP. 89 - 97
Rethinking of the Yale Seminar: Reevaluation of the Historical Meaning and the Acceptance
Hasegawa, Ryo;
PP. 99 - 106
An Approach to the Course of Study (Music) for the Elementary School in 1977 by Ministry of Education : Special Reference to the Relation to Criticism Against the Course of Study (Music) for the Elementary School in 1968
Shidoji, Yu;
PP. 107 - 116
A Change of Appraising in the National Curriculum (Music) in England
Umehira, Asako;
PP. 117 - 129
A Study of Children’s Listening-Singing Ability: With Special Reference to Difficulty Levels of Pitch Matching Skill in Each Intervals
Nomi, Yoshifumi;
PP. 131 - 134
Research on Theme Composition in Music Textbooks Published by Kyouiku-Shuppan: Analysis of Elementary and Junior High School Textbooks after 1980
Ishizu, Makoto;
PP. 135 - 142
Listening Activities in "Silver Burdett Making Music" (2008): Paid to Lessons which Use Texture/Harmony as the Main Study Element
Awaki, Yoko;
PP. 143 - 149
The Characteristic of Singing-Dancing at Keihanshin Area Seen in "Keihanshin-Rengo-Hoikukai-Zasshi" in the Later Meiji Period
Horie, Haruka;
PP. 151 - 158
The Arts (Music) of Australian Curriculum: Elementary Stage of Multicultural Education
Inouchi, Shiho;
PP. 159 - 169
A Study on Cultural Administration and Cultural Policy for Music in Japan: From Life-long Music Learning
Sato, Ayumi;
PP. 171 - 178
Music Critic Koichi Nomura's View of Record Music in "Rekodo Ongaku-dokuhon"
Sumikawa, Takashi;
PP. 179 - 185
Investigation into the Role of Hiroshima Public Hall in the Post-War Period: Change in Genre Repertoire Based on an Analysis of the Permits
Hotta, Kanae;
PP. 187 - 194
Japanese Translation
Christopher Simpson The Division-Viol, or The Art of PLAYING Ex tempore upon a GROUND. EDITIO SECVNDA Part III "The Method of ordering Division to a Ground" (3)
Kikuchi, Kanako; Umehira, Asako; Awaki, Yoko; Inouchi, Shiho; Okada, Minami; Sato, Ayumi; Sugihara, Ayumi; Sumikawa, Takashi; Hotta, Kanae; Horie, Haruka; Yamamoto, Chihiro; Chiba, Junnosuke;
PP. 213 - 216