Bulletin of music culture education Issue 14
2002-03-23 発行


The effect of the musical "listening" experience on the rating of the musical performance
土井 広一
This study investigated whether the musical "listening" experience would affect the rating of the musical performance. There were forty university students for my study. All those participants were classified into four groups according to their musical "playing" and "listening" experiences. From the five scales they had to decide the grades for the five pieces of different musical compositions played in four musical performances which had different dynamics. The participants also had to choose one of the most suitable word, out of the eight adjectival words, according to each performance. From the data collected shows that the participants who did not have musical "playing" experience but had "listening" experience, compared to the participants who did not have both experiences, had chosen different rating grades and selected different adjectival words. As a result, the musical "listening" experience seemed to have affected the rating of the musical performance.