Medical journal of Hiroshima Universtiy Volume 55 Issue 1-3
2007-06-28 発行

トリプタミン系違法薬物の体系的な分析法開発に関する研究 <原著>

A Systematic Toxicological Analysis for Hallucinogenic Tryptamines in Seized and Biological Material
Nakamoto, Akihiro
Yahata, Midori
Kuramoto, Takako
Nishida, Manami
Yashiki, Mikio
A systematic toxicological analysis for hallucinogenic tryptamines in seized and biological materials was developed.  

First, there were domestic problem that it was difficult to obtain standard sample of a controlled substance for analysis. So the standard (5-MeO-DPT) that were not obtained and internal standard (5-MeO-DPT-d14) were synthesized in our laboratory. Screening of powders was carried out using the combination of several spot test, Simon's, Marquis and Ehrlich's reagent. It was possible to distinguish from 24 kinds of abused drugs such as stimulants and psychotropic drugs. Also, the tendency that the same color tone was shown by the position of the substitution on the indole ring was observed. Screening of urine was carried out using ion association reagent (tetrabromophenolphthaleine ethyl ester) and immunoassay kits. For identification and quantitative determination in urine was carried out using isotope dilution gas chromatographymass spectorometry. The calibration curves showed linearity in the range of 0.05-2.0μg/ml. When urine samples containing two different concentrations ( 0.1 and 1.0μg/ml) of the drugs were analyzed, the coefficients of variation for intraday and interday testing ranged form 1.2 % to 30 %.  

The developed systematic methods for toxicological analysis would be contributed to the investigation and help for treatment of patients.
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