Medical journal of Hiroshima Universtiy Volume 51 Issue 1
2003-02-28 発行


Delineation of Right and Left Lobe of the Liver Accessed by 3-Dimensional CT Images
Teleuhan, Nadira
Adequate delineation of right and left liver lobes is very important especially in partial hepatectomy. We analyzed the sub-volumes of middle hepatic vein (MHV) draining area divided by the Cantlie's plane and MHV plane using CT 3-dimensional images. We examined 10 donor candidates for liver transplantation with multi-detector-row CT. Three-dimensional rendering images of the liver parenchyma and the hepatic vein were created. After identifying hepatic vein draining area, liver volume was divided into three hepatic vein-draining areas. The MHV draining area was divided by two different planes, Cant lie's plane and MHV plane, and draining volumes from right and left lobes were calculated. Total liver volume and right, middle, left hepatic vein-draining volume (ratio of total liver volume) were 1472±259 ml, 708±150 ml (48±10%), 414±175 ml (28±12%), 350±110 ml (24±7%) divided by Cant lie's plane, draining volumes from right and left lobes were 306±200 ml (21±14%) and 108±69 ml (7±5%). Divided by MHV plane, draining volumes from right and left lobes were 198±123 ml (13±8%) and 216±73 ml (15±5%). Volume difference of two sub-volumes was 108±92 ml (7±6%, 0-270 ml). The proportion of MHV draining volume had a considerable dispersion among 10 persons. In most of cases the draining volumes from the left lobe were bigger than those from right lobes.