Journal of International Development and Cooperation Volume 9 Issue 2
2003-03 発行

Teacher Factors and Mathematics Achievement of Cambodian Urban Primary School Pupils 【Article】

Chhinh, Sitha
Tabata, Yoshinori
The government of Cambodia has made considerable efforts to improve the educational standardespecially in the primary level since the rebirth of education system in 1979. To date, teacher develop-ment is one of the intervention priorities to achieve this goal. However, data that can serve as a guide toachieve this goal are lacking. In this study, an attempt was made to examine the effects of selectedteacher factors on the achievement of urban primary school pupils in Cambodia. Data for this studywere gathered from 92 fourth grade teachers and 997 fourth grade pupils by means of questionnaires andan achievement test. The results of the stepwise regression analysis reveal that teachers' economic sta-tus, their years of teaching experience and job satisfaction have statistically significant relationshipswith the achievement of the pupils whose economic status had been held constant. However, this threeteachers' variables explain only about 20 per cent of the variance in the pupil learning achievement.