Journal of International Development and Cooperation Volume 8 Issue 2
2002-03 発行

開発途上国の理科教育開発における民族科学の意義と役割 【原著論文】

The significance and role of ethnoscience in the development of science education
Human-centered development has been advocated and the significance of culture in international cooperation fordeveloping countries has been recognized recently. The policy of developing countries, however, has been still ori-ented into economic development and advance of science and technology. They emphasize the significance of sci-ence education to realize their policy.Science has two aspects. The one is science as knowledge that gives the only universal and objective view of theworld. It is often regarded as the universal culture. Although developing countries said that their developmentdoesn't necessary mean westernization, developing countries unconditionally believes the possibility of leaning sci-ence. The other is science as technology that is considered to be value-free and indispensable for the political andeconomical independence of developing countries. These are based on the scientism view of science...