Journal of International Development and Cooperation Volume 7 Issue 1
2001-01 発行

マレーシア現代建築の成立過程におけるナショナリズムの影響 【原著論文】

Formation process of Malaysian modern architecture under influence of nationalism
宇高 雄志
山崎 大智
This paper examines the Formation Process of Malaysian Modern Architecture under Influence of Nationalism,through the process of independence of Malaysia. The national style as "Malaysian national architecture" which hasengaged on background of political environment under the post colonial situation. Malaysian urban design is alsodetermined under the balance of both of ethnic culture and the national culture. In Malaysia, they decided to choosethe Malay ethnic culture as the national culture. Mohamedan is one of the architectural style which created the kindof Malaysian modern architecture under the influence of Islamic concept. And, many of Malay influenced architec-ture have built that has focused to Malay rural village form and house. And it has reflected for the urban design,public facilities and the new town development. But, such a way of design was difficult to create the common valuefrom other ethnic groups. On the other hands, The drastic economical growth has changed for ethnic living culture,so it is important to create the national identity on visual environment like an urban landscape. Each ethnic grouphas tried to conserve their culture by their own. But there is no historical background that shared by the ethnicgroups. Recently, "Tropical" and "Hi-Tech" are become important key words on the architectural design to share thecore value between different ethnic groups. And, these words are regarded as effective way to create the new trendsof development.