Journal of International Development and Cooperation
Volume 7
Issue 1
Date of Issue:2001-01
current number
ISSN : 1341-0903
Publisher : Graduate School for International Development and Cooperation, Hiroshima University
Formation process of Malaysian modern architecture under influence of nationalism
宇高 雄志; 山崎 大智;
PP. 1 - 17
Politics of the slips of the tongue of the ministers
Kawano, Noriyuki;
PP. 19 - 35
A sacred dance transmitted in the ritual for paying homage to one's teacher in Thailand
Iwasawa, Takako;
PP. 37 - 58
Kanja, Charles; Iwasaki, Hideki; Baba, Takuya; Ueda, Atsumi;
PP. 67 - 75
Observation of sand particles in shear zone using digital image analysis
Yamamoto, Haruyuki; 山本 達史; 徐 挺; Tominaga, Kouji;
PP. 77 - 89
The factors of the gaps in primary education between the South and the North in Ghana
宮川 めぐみ;
PP. 91 - 105
An Overview on the address terms in Japanese and Korean
林 炫情;
PP. 107 - 121